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Hate speech on Social Media: A Case of Misplaced Locus of Responsibility

Social media only features on our daily plate of bad places to hate on each other because it is sexy.

No White Light?

As she straddled across the room,

The Joys and Art of Being an Uncle

I have a theory; being an uncle, a good uncle at that, is much harder than being a good father. One can be a good father without much extra effort per se, but the status of the good uncle that the children run to when he walks through the gate is an honor that must …

Discourse on Religion: Making a Case for Antitheism

Before I open this discourse, I will give anyone reading this fair warning that emotions and blatant myopia should be left at the door if they cannot be permanently discarded in any exploration about spiritual matters.

How to Fund the Next Elections

A Modest Proposal for Modern Elections