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The Sister Right

‘I’m pregnant,’ she answered. It was supposed to be the end of ends. I didn’t get the seriousness of it. ‘Congratulations.’ I rushed to hug her.

Sex, Ed and Dread

How did you first learn about sex and family planning?

The Story of Concours d’Elegance

What makes classic cars and bikes so fascinating? The history of CBA Africa Concours d'Elegance.

Who Is Receiving the 30 percent Tenders for Disadvantaged Groups?

To even the scales, a third of all government tenders were limited to disadvantaged groups. But access to them has not eased, as a recent study called #Jipeshughuli by The Institute of Social Accountability found out.

Why Aren’t Kenya’s Affirmative Action Funds Working?

A recent study by The Institute of Social Accountability found that the major issues with Kenya's Youth Fund are accessibility and accountability.

The Curse of Old Age: Part 2 #Kulegalega

"The only true curse of old age," he said while telling no one in particular, "is loneliness."

The Making of @WWF_Kenya

In the last 50 years, one giant panda has come to symbolise the most vibrant of conservation efforts. This is her story, and the story of the organisation behind it.

The Curse of Old Age

The men at the table are withering. We know it, they know it. Their bones creak these days. The gray is becoming more pronounced. A cold takes slightly longer to heal, and they have trouble seeing. And learning new things. Frankly, on a cold Monday morning, they would rather snuggle in until the sun is up there. And they do, because they can.

Paying the Taxman

June is tax season. And here's how this goes. We wait until the last day, it's what the Bible says. "On the last day of tax season, we shall all gather on the iTax system and try to frantically file our returns." Then we will sing and rave and rant, and ask our guy whether he knows a guy, or a girl in KRA. Someone who can get this thing done because we are just law abiding citizens who like to live on the edge.