The Man Who Sold a Country

...and the people who stood by while it happened (simply, us).

The Sister Right

‘I’m pregnant,’ she answered. It was supposed to be the end of ends. I didn’t get the seriousness of it. ‘Congratulations.’ I rushed to hug her.

Sex, Ed and Dread

How did you first learn about sex and family planning?

How Kenya Lost Its Way

Dealing with corruption means admitting that the founding ideals of this country includes the creation of an elite through looting coffers and grabbing land. That corruption in Kenya, just like racism in America, it isn't an anomaly, but an inbuilt founding ideal of the country.

How Scientific Racism Shaped Kenya

In the 1930s, a group of scientists set about trying to use science to prove that Kenyans couldn't handle European ideas.

Why I Don’t Vote

The decision whether to vote or abstain should be a personal journey. The result of proper inquiry, and examination, not social coercion or the simple feeling of duty to one’s community or unit.

Viewer Discretion is Ill-Advised

In her first musings for, Mari Gloria talks about why censorship has no place in modern society. 

The Shaza Club

Flown to Mombasa to attend the launch of the luxurious seaside Shaza Club, sleep and the sea win the night, and I miss everything.

The Kenyan Spy Who Wrote A Book

In what is only the second book by a former Kenyan spy, Bart Kibati writes about the intrigues within Kenya and the Secret Branch during his 27 years there. Its an incomplete historical record even of the man, but its still an important read.