7 Bizarre Flexes by Rich and Powerful Africans

You think you have money but have you ever had someone fly first class across the world to bring you your favourite stick?

7 More Absurd Stories from Kenyan History

In the original draft of this listicle, this entry was specifically about that time Fai Amario, in 2000, placed an ad in the dailies that he was searching for a wife. But every single story about this highly intelligent psychopath and brewer is just batshit crazy.

7 Most Bizarre Things Banned By African Dictators

The most subversive thing you can do in Burundi today is jog without a permit. You might also not want to rough up the president, who's a striker, in a football match. Unless you don't value your freedom.

7 ‘Lost’ African Countries

In the last fifty years alone, the independence of the Republic of Ambazonia has been declared thrice. The fight to get it recognised is still ongoing.

7 Absurd Stories from Kenyan History

A chicken, two stolen Mercedes, a fist fight, a mistranslation, an argument, a crate of beer, and green ink.

7 Most Interesting But Obscure Kenyan Laws

There's only one building in Kenya protected by a specific law, although there was once a bridge too. Back when it was illegal to be broke and unemployed. You could still, then, get your own coat of arms for your banners.

7 Kenyan Journalists Who Were Killed on the Job

The last time ever saw the four men who died that day was in the bombed compound in Mogadishu in July 1993. No one seems to remember seeing Hos Maina after he entered the compound but someone saw Don trying to jump onto a fleeing Reuters' truck. He was knocked off by the crowd and then chased into the streets, with Macharia behind him.

7 Foreign Rebels Who Were Caught (or Killed) in Kenya

For foreign rebels seeking a safe haven, Nairobi has always been a home away from home. Except when it wasn't.

7 Crazy Stories from Kenya’s Athletic History

60 years ago, Kenya entered the world of global athletics with a single mission, complete dominance. With such a rich history, there's bound to be unbelievable stories from the tracks, and from Kenya's checkered history at the Olympics. Here's a few of them.