No White Light?

Written by | Musings, Poetry

As she straddled across the room,

feet dragging a trail of blood
The music stopped
The birds died
She held the wound upon her head,
walked as the life escaped from her
The blood zigzagging behind,
Death following with a wicked grin
The man started humming a dirge
The woman laughed
Something must have changed the game
Everything was fear
The mice lurking behind the wall
The eerie silence in the room
The dead cat
death was on a rampage today
He had brought the plague,
Upon the mind of the pair
A plague and a desire to kill
So here she was,
dragging, dropping, drooping, but never begging for mercy
They just sat there, two maniacal creatures of predation
As their last victim fell, knelt first

Felt her side

Felt the knife handle
Fell, died. Death wins.


Last modified: May 6, 2014