No White Light?

As she straddled across the room,

No more bridges to burn

An adage long past claims that a man has but one day of birth One day during the seasons when he came into this world When he left his mother in pain and agony Screaming for dear life

Once more into the fray (Live and Die on this day)

“Once more into the fray Into the last good fight I’ll ever know…”   My penance piety does not suffice As the fray takes toll upon my mortal As the dagger slices and dices The fort crumbles…   Hope and pray I be reborn To dive into the fray one other To face demons whose …

A Little Girl Pinched Me Today

Walking in the streets today, something weird happened Two weird things happened A little girl, two little girls Walked up to me as I hurried away They each held on to one of my hands And prayed that I give them a coin I looked around, and saw Them. The mother’s menacing look Like a …

I killed Myself Today

I stood at the cliff and looked at the setting sun. I hurled myself to the hull and let the wind guide my flight. I drove off the cliff with everything I had. I stood at the brink of life and death, and held mine in my hands. I drove the dagger of pain through …