6 Assassinations of African leaders (that were caught on film)

 What is the difference between reading about an assassination of a prominent person, and seeing a video of their dying moments? There is something invariably powerful, and devastating, no matter the dying person’s litany of mistakes or crimes. The videos embedded or linked on this post are disturbing. 6. The attempted assassination of Henrik Vorwoed, …

7 Unsolved Murders of Young Women in Kenya

On the morning of Valentines Day 2012, Careen Chepchumba's brother accessed her apartment at Santonia Court, off Kirichwa Road. She had been incommunicado since February 12th. In the bedroom, he saw her in bed, tidily covered with a bed sheet. There was music playing from a laptop placed on the bedside table. Nothing looked amiss. Except that Careen had been dead for 18 hours.

The Brutal Unsolved Murder of Lucy Kabura

The hot and humid coastal air constricted into the Tangana Lodge’s dimly lit and badly ventilated rooms . The fragrance of purchased romance reigned over the humid evening air in the house of decadence. As the night came to a climax, the sounds of illicit sex, the loud banging on the walls, the rehearsed screams, …

7 Most Destructive Fire Disasters in Kenya’s History

Fire disasters in Kenya are part of our history of corruption and lethargy towards progressive measures to protect human life and property. Some now seem like jokes, with the same causes as previous ones, and often in quick succession. Each fire leaves a burn in the memories of those it maims, and guts through the hearts of those who have to watch their loved ones being sorted from among the smoldering cinders. For others it is a loss of limb, loved ones, and property.

5 Hilarious Security Lapses of the Kenyan Presidential Guard

Whenever we elect a man (or woman) to the House on the Hill, we give him the right to avoid all human contact except that which has passed through three metal detectors and dressed appropriately. We give him the best of our security forces, the best cars, the best house (arguable) and the best women …

No more bridges to burn

An adage long past claims that a man has but one day of birth One day during the seasons when he came into this world When he left his mother in pain and agony Screaming for dear life