The Gay Kabaka

Whether or not Kabaka Mwanga was gay or bisexual (he had 16 wives) actually matters very little in retelling the story of the matyrs. That they were killed for their faith is hardly in question, as Mwangas paranoia seemed to think the missionaries were turning his pages into spies. He was most likely right, as colonial domination was indeed on its way and missionaries often formed the front flank for their armies.

The Legend of Otenyo

In 1908, a man called Otenyo Nyamaterere did something completely badass.

The Serial Rapist who Ruled Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe's first president was a serial rapist whose victims included soldiers, bodyguards, students, an entire football team, and a hitch hiker.

Where Mboya Went Wrong

By Kennedy Gitau In 1956, Tom Mboya wrote a pamphlet titled The Kenya Question: An African Answer ?which has largely remained unknown to many. It was published by the infamous Fabian Society and can be found here. The pamphlet is short and expresses the grievances this young idealist had against the mistreatment of the indigenous …

The Unreluctant King

When the former Governor visited the new President at State House, what used to be Baring's home, he found a man just like him. Just how alike they were became apparent when he sadistically said"By the way, I was sitting at that very desk when I signed your detention order thirteen years ago." To which Kenyatta quipped "If I had been in your shoes I would have done exactly the same."Pointing to the desk, he added slyly "And I myself have signed a number of detention orders sitting right there too."

The Racist Origins of the Word ‘Kyuk’ for Kikuyu

By Amol Awuor Long before the word ‘Kyuk’ or ‘Kiuk’ became a cool word to make reference to the Kikuyu community; it was a racist slur popularized by the colonial officers and settlers to demoralize and demonize members of the Kikuyu community.

The Tanganyika Laughing Epidemic of 1962

What if laughter, instead of being the best medicine, became a disease?

Crime in a time of Money and Power

Why do powerful people get away with crime?

18 Rare Photos of Tom Mboya’s Wedding to Pamela Odede

In April 1962, Ebony Magazine published a lead feature on the January 1962 wedding of Tom Mboya and Pamela Odede.