The Space Center Kenya Doesn’t Own

When Italy first placed a space center in Kenya, they cunningly put it right outside Kenya's territorial waters. But that eventually changed. This is the story of how an Italian Space Center has operated on Kenya's waters for 52 years.

The Ageless Defiance of Muthoni Nyanjiru

Muthoni Nyanjiru rose to her feet, exasperated. She was done waiting. She was done hoping. She was out of chills to give. Today was her day to be badass. 94 years later, her courage remains one of the greatest acts of sacrifice to a Kenyan cause.

The Sack of Imperial Bank: Part 3

Even a man of Abdulmalek’s genius couldn’t rely simply on luck not to get caught. So he created his own luck.

The Sack of Imperial Bank: Part 2

The Black Hole of W.E Tilley, The Bangkok X-Files, and the Chama.

The Sack of Imperial Bank

The first time Abdulmalek JanMohammed ever robbed Imperial Bank he had a gun to his head. Three short years later, he became the robber, carrying out a heist so elaborate its web is still being untangled, five months after his death.

Betty Tett and the Hitman

The anatomy of a murder conspiracy, or several, featuring one of Kenya's most prominent families.

The Eyes of a Hungry Child, a speech by JM Kariuki

There is no one among us here today who can sit comfortably at his table after meeting the eyes of a hungry child.

President Moi and the Ku Klux Klan

In November 1987, Kenya's three most prominent newspapers carried a bizarre story. What followed was a bizarre case of paranoia, the kidnapping of an American judge and a medical examiner from a Nairobi court, and a diplomatic tiff that nearly brought Kenya and the US to war. The truth is that it had all started with a much smaller, more personal tiff.

The Gay Kabaka

Whether or not Kabaka Mwanga was gay or bisexual (he had 16 wives) actually matters very little in retelling the story of the matyrs. That they were killed for their faith is hardly in question, as Mwangas paranoia seemed to think the missionaries were turning his pages into spies. He was most likely right, as colonial domination was indeed on its way and missionaries often formed the front flank for their armies.