Shove over World, Africa Has Boobs Now!

Here! Have our kids! Eat our wives! We offer thee this sacrifice of our souls! Give us Money! Sell us things! We need! We Want! We will let you stare at our cleavage! Hell, you can even touch them while we are sleeping! 

When one Kenyan Eats Another

Why do people eat each other?

Murder of the Innocents: Tracing Filicide in Kenya

A man walks into his home at the end of another long hard day at work.. He doesn’t know why he feels so on edge, or whether there is anything good left in his world. His five boys back at home, waiting to be fed.

Discourse on Religion: Making a Case for Antitheism

Before I open this discourse, I will give anyone reading this fair warning that emotions and blatant myopia should be left at the door if they cannot be permanently discarded in any exploration about spiritual matters.

Go Tell the Spartans (A reply to Ken-Saro Wiwa’s ‘Africa Kills Her Sun’)

Dear Bana, I was pleasantly surprised, no doubt, to receive the letter. I received it ten years after your death, brought to me by an old frail man who told me he was your prison guard and had sworn to deliver the letter before he died.

Ritual Sex, Orgies and Lessons from Bizarre Cultural Practices

Every generation in human history has viewed itself as more advanced and civilized than the last. The one constant has always been sex, and rituals around it.

Fire, Oil and the Price of Ignorance

…and the story of a woman scorned Disaster in the city…again. Same script, new players, same villain. Something happened yesterday; a fire in a Nairobi slum killed tens of people in the span of a few hours. Media houses were in shock, as was the rest of the country, and they ended up showing extremely …

Movie Review-Paul the Alien

If you have not watched this movie yet, you should look for a cliff and throw yourself off of it, or hit your head on the wall until you do. Considering that Hollywood releases thousands of movies a year, and by the time they get to Kenya, they are in their tens of thousands because …