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Blood, Money, and Prison II

In Part II, a kidnapping at a prominent wedding in Karen, a gun in court, and why Kenya has been reluctant to offer any help to her citizens held in Juba as ransom.

Blood, Money and Prison

In May last year, a small company in Juba became the center of the most high profile corruption case in South Sudan. More than a year later, 16 people who were arrested that day, including four Kenyans, were jailed for life.

Roughly 100 Fantastic Pieces of Kenyan Journalism

A reading list of some of the best works of Kenyan journalism available online. And a chance for you to join this curation project.

The Politics of Ivory and Fire

Little has changed in Kenya's 26-year-old headline-hungry, scorched earth policy towards elephant conservation.

Why Kenyan Banks Fail

Since July 1984, over 40 banks have collapsed in Kenya. Most of them have been Kenyan-owned.

The Maasai and the Duruma Meteorite

On Sunday March 6, 1853, a rare cosmic event took place in Kilifi. A sacred stone fell from the sky.

The Space Center Kenya Doesn’t Own

When Italy first placed a space center in Kenya, they cunningly put it right outside Kenya's territorial waters. But that eventually changed. This is the story of how an Italian Space Center has operated on Kenya's waters for 52 years.

The Sack of Imperial Bank

The first time Abdulmalek JanMohammed ever robbed Imperial Bank he had a gun to his head. Three short years later, he became the robber, carrying out a heist so elaborate its web is still being untangled, five months after his death.

The Eyes of a Hungry Child, a speech by JM Kariuki

There is no one among us here today who can sit comfortably at his table after meeting the eyes of a hungry child.