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How Kenya Lost Its Way

Dealing with corruption means admitting that the founding ideals of this country includes the creation of an elite through looting coffers and grabbing land. That corruption in Kenya, just like racism in America, it isn't an anomaly, but an inbuilt founding ideal of the country.

Death of a Mercenary: The Pilot Who Almost Brought Down A Government

In the span of three months, two men (a Kenyan pilot and a Seychellois politician) at the center of a bizarre mercenary plot to overthrow the government of Seychelles in 1981 have died.

Seeing Vintage Nairobi through a 1970s Porn Film

If your uncle worked at Kenol Ruaraka in 1975, you might want to ask him if he was featured in an Italian porn film.

Anatomy of a Health Crisis: A Photo Essay

What happens when a public healthcare system is designed to fail?

The Gangland Life of Ibrahim Akasha

The godfather of Kenya's first true crime family, the Akasha Clan, was a grandfatherly charming chain smoker. He died nearly 17 years ago in Amsterdam, a fugitive from the law and deadweight to his business partners.

The Kenyan Spy Who Wrote A Book

In what is only the second book by a former Kenyan spy, Bart Kibati writes about the intrigues within Kenya and the Secret Branch during his 27 years there. Its an incomplete historical record even of the man, but its still an important read.

Why Do We Still Drive on the Left?

Kenya drives on the left, like a minority of countries in the world, and this may soon be a problem.

The War for Tatu City

For a few minutes, no one in the helicopter spoke. The three men sat in silence, looking outside. Below them, Ruiru opened up like a dream. A green sea of thousands of acres of coffee bushes, sometimes broken by empty, grassy fields. "Done. Let's do it." Then there was silence again.

7 Crazy Stories from Kenya’s Athletic History

60 years ago, Kenya entered the world of global athletics with a single mission, complete dominance. With such a rich history, there's bound to be unbelievable stories from the tracks, and from Kenya's checkered history at the Olympics. Here's a few of them.