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The Barmaid and the Boy who Kissed an Inexperienced Bed

To the creative writer, there is something morbidly inspiring about morgues and barstools. Morgues because dead men tell no tales, as the saying goes, and the man looking for inspiration wants to tell tales. Barstools because, well, just barstools.

The Beautiful Lady and the House of the Dead

The fact that you have read the title and decided to read this post implies that you find it intriguing that a beautiful girl can have a connection to the house of the dead, what we mortals call a morgue or Mortuary. Well, let me be the first one to tell you this, the beautiful …

A Little Girl Pinched Me Today

Walking in the streets today, something weird happened Two weird things happened A little girl, two little girls Walked up to me as I hurried away They each held on to one of my hands And prayed that I give them a coin I looked around, and saw Them. The mother’s menacing look Like a …