Frolicking in Kampala

In Kampala, I almost lose a leg, someone gets drugged, and a taxi driver leaves us in the middle of the road at night.

Death of a Mercenary: The Pilot Who Almost Brought Down A Government

In the span of three months, two men (a Kenyan pilot and a Seychellois politician) at the center of a bizarre mercenary plot to overthrow the government of Seychelles in 1981 have died.

Too Early for Birds

As this space turns 7, we want to turn a few of the stories about great Kenyan women and men here into living, breathing performances. And you are invited.

#ExploreTurkana: A Photo Essay

What do you get when you place a group of adventurers in the most beautiful place on earth? #ExploreTurkana did, and this is what happened.

The Age of MPESA

On 6th March 2017, the world's most famous mobile money transfer service turned 10. In this first instalment, we look at the wars it had to fight to survive, and the two transactions that saved it.

7 Absurd Stories from Kenyan History

A chicken, two stolen Mercedes, a fist fight, a mistranslation, an argument, a crate of beer, and green ink.

The Rebirth of Them Mushrooms

When I ask John about the legacy of the 40-year-old band, he is at first hesitant. It hits me midway through his answer that to him, music is still an incomplete journey, perhaps too soon to even consider talking about legacy.

A Bride Price Worth Dying For

In July 1892, a small fight between two families in Kiambu over bride price dragged in more players, and quickly became bloody.

The Kamba of Paraguay

How did a group of Kamba soldiers find their way to the heart of South America?