Quick Reads

When Mzee Kenyatta was assaulted in London

In the span of two short years, Kenya's founding father Mzee Jomo Kenyatta was the target of two racist attacks in London.

Why this Friday is Really good for Kenyan History

History pundits, knowledge junkies, archaeology enthusiasts, everyone! Get your knickers in a knot already! Christmas is here, early! The National Museums of Kenya wants you to enjoy the facilities under its care for free this Friday. 

The High Price Kenya Paid for the Entebbe Raid

For its role in the Entebbe Raid, Kenya forged a strong relationship with Israel. But hidden within this narrative are the hundreds of Kenyans who died in Uganda because Amin was angry at Kenya. Some estimates go as high as 245 within the first months after the rescue mission, more than twice the number of hostages Israel rescued from Entebbe.

The man who saved Nairobi from the Bubonic Plague

Rosendo Ayres Ribeiro is the zebra-riding octor who saved Nairobi from the Bubonic Plague. He did so because it was his job, but he rode a zebra because he could.

The Mau Maus of New York and California

The image that comes to mind whenever you hear of the Mau Mau is that of Kenya’s dreadlocked freedom fighters. Not a gang of Puerto Rican thugs or even a Hollywood band, right?

We Are Moving the Worms and the Bananas

Every once in a while when I can get off my lazy ass and finish the tens and tonnes of research snippets I have strewn all over, we sit by the camp fire and exchange stories of yore.

When Uganda and Zambia had Space Programs

Yes. The answer to your question is yes, both Uganda and Zambia once had space programs. As have hundreds of other countries, you rebut? Well, the Zambian and Ugandan programs hold the cake for nongiveafuckery, something whose primary symptom is well, not letting obvious weakness stop one from dreaming.  Uganda Of course it was Idi …

Why We Should Save Kisite-Mpunguti Marine Park

If you have 1.3 billion shillings and an interest in the hospitality industry, you can buy prime undeveloped land in the heart of a marine national park, a national reserve listed as a protected site. A Mr. Alessandro Torriani placed an ad offering 53.00 Acres of undeveloped prime land in the Kisite-Mpunguti Marine National Park …

The Barmaid and the Boy who Kissed an Inexperienced Bed

To the creative writer, there is something morbidly inspiring about morgues and barstools. Morgues because dead men tell no tales, as the saying goes, and the man looking for inspiration wants to tell tales. Barstools because, well, just barstools.