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How Kenya Almost Exported 300 Wild Animals to Thailand

In 2005, Kenya tried to export 300 wild animals to Thailand to a zoo that, apparently, was planning to turn them into exotic cuisine. It did not go well, obviously, and there was even a fist fight in a TV studio about the whole thing.

How a Patch of the Kenyan Wild Ended up in Philippines

Sometime between May 1976 and February 1977, 102 wild animals were herded into large wooden crates at an undisclosed location in Kenya. The crates were then bundled onto the overnight cargo train to Mombasa, setting in motion a series of events that should never have happened.

4 Most Outrageous Fashion Subcultures in Africa

Fashion evolves. Sometimes it doesnt. Sometimes people burn money buying clothes. Other times they just burn the money.

CODENAME KILINDINI: A Top-Secret Code-breaking Operation

From the outside, the Allidina Visram was a typical Indian boys’ school from April 1942 to August 1943. Inside though, the Asian institution was bustling with geeks, mathematicians and statisticians who formed the core of a covert code-breaking operation.

Why Newspapers Have to Register at the GPO

The registration is a remnant of a time when there were preferential postal rates on newspapers as long as they were in a newspaper wrapper and registered with the GPO as a newspaper. It actually precedes the Kenyan state and survives today as a relic of her colonial history

The South African Soldiers who did a Death Dance on a Sinking WarShip

Here on Too Late for Worms, we are always on the hunt for ballsy people. You dont have to be a man to have balls; you just have to kick death, tyranny or utter bullshit in the testicles to qualify. Death will always win so you do not have to make it easy for the …

Sadaka Sadists: The Bank Robbers who Sung

According to the victims, the robber baritones had remarkably good harmony. They sang many hymns through the last hours of the ordeal.

Why these 4 famous movies weren’t shot in Kenya

Just how bad is Kenyan corruption that Mugabe felt the need to convince his cronies not to sink to the lows of Kenya and Nigeria? That question has been lingering in our minds for a while now, driven in part by our ill-informed hubris that our corruption is not as bad as it seems at …

Is Lake Turkana in Game of Thrones?

Some Europeans called it the Jade Sea, a name that appears in the Game of Thrones books and subsequent HBO series. Lake Turkana was named the Jade Sea due to the turquoise color you see when you are approaching the massive water body from a distance.