There had been an Africa: A Letter to Future Africans

Africa had seemed like a dream come true, at least wherever one lived. That was the Africa we lived in. 

To be Kenyan

They came out in droves. From every corner of their little sandy town, they all came. Old men with shukas wrapped lazily around their waists. Middle-aged women with hardy hands. Children with mucus loosely hanging from their nostrils.

Driving into the Sunset: A Story of Second Chances

I was 15 when I next saw her. I was a young teenager with at least three prominent pimples on his skinny face at any one time. A mass of hormones and confusion.  She came to visit on a cold Saturday morning, typical of the month of June in the Kijabe escarpment; a time when …

On Death and Mortality: Life is an incomplete story

I attended a funeral when I was about six years old. The younger sister of my classmate, Martin, fell in a well and drowned. On the day of the funeral, dozens of young boys and girls trooped to the nearby Catholic Church. We were dressed in our signature khaki shorts and shirts, and blue sweaters. …

We Are Moving the Worms and the Bananas

Every once in a while when I can get off my lazy ass and finish the tens and tonnes of research snippets I have strewn all over, we sit by the camp fire and exchange stories of yore.

Disaster? Cue the Looting, This is Kenya

When I saw images of Abdul Hajj, I automatically knew he was not a Kenyan cop. There was something about him that told of affluence, a man who gyms in a proper facility and eats well.

Extra Blessings: A Treatise on the Third Nipple

For thousands of years, mammalian males have been accused of their obsession with the nipples.

The Perfect Crime: Not a ‘How To’ Manual

The man laughs maniacally as he hits the keyboard and stares at the screen. He is killing them and he loves it, or rather, he cant control himself. The urges. They will never catch him, he kills as he wills, and they can do nothing about it. They are born when he says they are …

Shove over World, Africa Has Boobs Now!

Here! Have our kids! Eat our wives! We offer thee this sacrifice of our souls! Give us Money! Sell us things! We need! We Want! We will let you stare at our cleavage! Hell, you can even touch them while we are sleeping!