At Garissa University, the Covenant was Broken

When the attackers walked through Garissa University on April 2nd 2015, they didn't break the covenant. They found it broken.

Why Kenyan Banks Fail

Since July 1984, over 40 banks have collapsed in Kenya. Most of them have been Kenyan-owned.

The Eyes of a Hungry Child, a speech by JM Kariuki

There is no one among us here today who can sit comfortably at his table after meeting the eyes of a hungry child.

In Lieu of a King

There is a sense of chaos in Kenya right now, one that has sparked a desire for a king of sorts, a brave man who stamps his authority in this unruly land and sets himself, in a sense, above the laws of gods and men. We had a man like that once, in fact, we …

Tragedy and Other People’s Social Spaces

It is one of the successes of the West that they have managed to permeate their soft power and cultures across most of the world, especially Africa.

Kerio Valley

A lone eagle flies at my feet, and catches a sudden gust of wind.

When a Calendar Dies #ThisIsMyKenya

After more than 7 tiring days on the road, inspiration finds us.

Love and Bananas

Life has its miseries wherever you may be. Into each life some rain must fall it floods onto the poor. They try to darn it somewhat. These lines from Hama Tuma’s The Case of the Prison-Monger started running through my head yesterday when we walked into a man’s home somewhere between Igoji and Embu. Maureen, …