The 7 Most Bizarre Kenyan Traditions and Rituals

Anyway, I am sure you know that each country struggles to market its tribes and their traditions without putting the word bizarre after such events.

7 Things a Nostalgic Kenyan Remembers.

I am at that age where it is easy to remember the days of yore without overly exaggerating for the sake of raising my stature among my would-be grandchildren. They are, actually, still minute cells within my loins and I have little need to lie to them now…at least just yet…

7 Business You could start in Kenya (Not the Sane Ones)

Its no secret, there are no more formal jobs for any of us who do not have one already, and not enough money for those who do. The number of graduates tarmacking after four years of sex and alcohol (and a few lectures) is worrying so we all need to knock up some ideas that …

7 Acts of Villainy Made in Kenyan High Schools

High school was a morbid experience. I doubt the kids in high school now have gone through some of the things we went through (as each generation wants to think it more badass than the next, and less than the last). Given that I was in form 1 at around the time bullying was losing …

7 Kenyans who Did Completely INSANE things.

CRAZY KENYANS?? This list of Kenyans (or people in Kenya at the time) felt that the adrenaline surging through their veins should not go to waste.

7 Most Badass Kenyan Men

All men are born equal. But badass finds some.

7 Most Badass Kenyan Women

Throughout Kenya’s history, women have stood out with their badassery.

Four Mobile Cons Made In Kenya: and How to Beat them

When the eldest of my sisters decided to move out at 23, she was exhilarated. She was going to move to a house in Eastleigh (Back then, pirate cash had not quadrupled its population), or more correctly, a room. She had found the house on an ad in the papers, and when she left to …