Blood, Money, and Prison II

In Part II, a kidnapping at a prominent wedding in Karen, a gun in court, and why Kenya has been reluctant to offer any help to her citizens held in Juba as ransom.

Blood, Money and Prison

In May last year, a small company in Juba became the center of the most high profile corruption case in South Sudan. More than a year later, 16 people who were arrested that day, including four Kenyans, were jailed for life.

The Eccentric Photography of Osborne Macharia

Two days after shooting Mengo, Osborne texts to say he lost the images he took. So he called in the models and started all over again.

How the Monkey Did It

A week ago, a small vervet monkey switched off the most important of Kenya's power stations. In this fascinating "how not to go about your monkey business" manual, we study what exactly the monkey started. And why sometimes everything working too well is not a good thing.

The Cities of War

There are only three official ways the half a million refugees from Somalia can ever leave the camps, and the options are thinning. The latest one is to return to a country at war, forcibly, to empty Kenya's fourth largest city.

The Complex Legacy of Lucy Kibaki

Lucy Kibaki was many things, and one of the most important was violent and entitled. She saw herself as co-president, a role that gave her insurmountable powers to even engage in public acts of violence. One of her victims had to go on exile, and several ended up without jobs.

The Politics of Ivory and Fire

Little has changed in Kenya's 26-year-old headline-hungry, scorched earth policy towards elephant conservation.

At Garissa University, the Covenant was Broken

When the attackers walked through Garissa University on April 2nd 2015, they didn't break the covenant. They found it broken.

Why Kenyan Banks Fail

Since July 1984, over 40 banks have collapsed in Kenya. Most of them have been Kenyan-owned.