The Three-Year Bank Heist

It started like all scams do, with a hook. From there it just escalated for three straight years, losing the bank $242 million in what is considered the third largest bank heist in history.

The Story of Concours d’Elegance

What makes classic cars and bikes so fascinating? The history of CBA Africa Concours d'Elegance.

Why I Don’t Vote

The decision whether to vote or abstain should be a personal journey. The result of proper inquiry, and examination, not social coercion or the simple feeling of duty to one’s community or unit.

We Won’t Forget

"We Won't Forget" is an interrogation of domestic and imported terrorism that has faced Kenya in the last decade-through poetry, monologues, and dance.

The Assassination of Chief Waruhiu

At quarter to 1 on 7th October 1952, Senior Chief Waruhiu Kung'u was shot and killed. This is the story of the two men who hanged for it.

What Really Happened on KQ Flight 507?

10 years ago this May, a KQ plane in working order, operated by competent pilots, crashed less than 2 minutes after takeoff. Here's what happened in those 93 seconds.

Death of a Mercenary: The Pilot Who Almost Brought Down A Government

In the span of three months, two men (a Kenyan pilot and a Seychellois politician) at the center of a bizarre mercenary plot to overthrow the government of Seychelles in 1981 have died.

The Age of MPESA

On 6th March 2017, the world's most famous mobile money transfer service turned 10. In this first instalment, we look at the wars it had to fight to survive, and the two transactions that saved it.

The Rebirth of Them Mushrooms

When I ask John about the legacy of the 40-year-old band, he is at first hesitant. It hits me midway through his answer that to him, music is still an incomplete journey, perhaps too soon to even consider talking about legacy.