Mari Gloria Author

Mari Gloria often thinks of herself as eccentric. She dreams in text and is unafraid to admit that her cat owns her. A firm believer in Wi-Fi for all, the rest of her thoughts, beliefs, ramblings and unique insight can be found on her blog Nairobi Pedestrian here [Link].

The Sister Right

‘I’m pregnant,’ she answered. It was supposed to be the end of ends. I didn’t get the seriousness of it. ‘Congratulations.’ I rushed to hug her.

Sex, Ed and Dread

How did you first learn about sex and family planning?

A Nairobi Pedestrian Goes to Archives

Stuck in Nairobi on a random Saturday waiting for her mum, Gloria Mari explores Kenya National Archives and meets Ferdinand.

Viewer Discretion is Ill-Advised

In her first musings for, Mari Gloria talks about why censorship has no place in modern society.