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The Rise and Fall of the State House Boys

Inside the intrigues that built and destroyed the President’s comms team. A story of blind ambition, unfettered ego, and utter destruction. And a brothel.

A Nairobi Pedestrian Goes to Archives

Stuck in Nairobi on a random Saturday waiting for her mum, Gloria Mari explores Kenya National Archives and meets Ferdinand.

A City Without A Hero

In Tuko Macho, a vigilante called Biko is cleaning up Nairobi. Jim Chuchu's first series explores the idea that heroes rise when a society needs them. It is a story about justice, identity, and class conflict.

Nairobi was Never Meant to be a City

The first men and women who landed in Nairobi considered the brackish swamp land perfect. The area was picturesque, with hills in the horizon and rivers crisscrossing the plains. The land was not suitable for farming, and certainly not for settlement, but it was perfect for grazing.

AM Jeevanjee: The Man Who Built Nairobi

Although the only thing that still bears his name in Nairobi today is a public park, Alibhai Mulla Jeevanjee’s (AMJ) story is closely interwoven with the story of Nairobi’s beginnings. Jeevanjee was a businessman, politician, and philanthropist all packed into one stocky, curious, and illustrious immigrant who made Kenya his home.

The Three Curious Bombings that Rocked Nairobi in 1975

In the span of five weeks in early 1975, three explosions hit Kenya’s capital. 

The man who saved Nairobi from the Bubonic Plague

Rosendo Ayres Ribeiro is the zebra-riding octor who saved Nairobi from the Bubonic Plague. He did so because it was his job, but he rode a zebra because he could.

Are We Denying Turere his Childhood?

It is no secret, we are all learning from children, and childhood to be specific; the mind of the child is unbridled with the worries of life that stop us from taking risks and following our impulses.

7 Most Intriguing Kenyan Innovations

If you hear the words ‘Kenyan inventions’, the first thing that comes to mind is probably the successful, overly-analyzed and praised MPesa, which is more of an innovation than an invention…and whose success is wrongly directed-similar innovations have been attempted but failed because of low adoption. How does Kenya fair on the tech- and engineering …