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The Mau Maus of New York and California

The image that comes to mind whenever you hear of the Mau Mau is that of Kenya’s dreadlocked freedom fighters. Not a gang of Puerto Rican thugs or even a Hollywood band, right?

7 Kenyan Wild Animals that Became Global Celebrities

Animals can be celebrities too, all the while dressed in nothing but fur or a hide. There’s nothing like turning up on the red carpet with nothing but scales. 

7 Kenyans who made it In Hollywood Before Lupita Nyongo (Part 2)

This list is partially built from the comments on Part 1. There are some stark omissions such as an exhaustive character list for Out of Africa and The Constant Gardener for obvious reasons (that you know them already).

7 Brilliant Kenyan Actors Who Made it to Hollywood

It turns out that Kenyans have been around Hollywood for a very long time. Almost 8 decades, to be precise.

7 Most Badass Kenyan Gangsters

Kenyan gangsters are the stuff of legend. Their exploits often follow a Robinhood-style trajectory, with gangsters working as ‘wealth distributors.’ Once in a while, they even make citizen arrests.