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Why I Don’t Vote

The decision whether to vote or abstain should be a personal journey. The result of proper inquiry, and examination, not social coercion or the simple feeling of duty to one’s community or unit.

A Good Kenyan is these: A Suggested Checklist

A few weeks ago, in an online discussion about the forgotten, neglected, unnecessary history of the Mau Mau, a very good Kenyan was kind enough to correct my oversight by telling me “twitpic a photo of your PhD in History so we can believe you.”

Kenya Needs an Age of Reason, and a Bath

It is only befitting that the deadline for voter registration should be marred by torrential rains. The argument in recent days, all over the news and prime-time television, on radio, driven by celebrities and all people of note sic! has been that all good Kenyans of age, should register to vote.

How to Fund the Next Elections

A Modest Proposal for Modern Elections