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How to Steal a Boeing 727

In May 2003, two men who didn’t know how to fly a Boeing 727-223 stole one from an Angolan airport. They have never been found, and neither has the plane. 15 years later, no one knows why they did it.

The Three-Year Bank Heist

It started like all scams do, with a hook. From there it just escalated for three straight years, losing the bank $242 million in what is considered the third largest bank heist in history.

The Assassination of Chief Waruhiu

At quarter to 1 on 7th October 1952, Senior Chief Waruhiu Kung'u was shot and killed. This is the story of the two men who hanged for it.

The Double Life of Nicodemus Arudhi

For more than two decades, Nicodemus Arudhi was one of Kenya's most prolific football players. He was also a convicted criminal, and a wanted man.

The Gangland Life of Ibrahim Akasha

The godfather of Kenya's first true crime family, the Akasha Clan, was a grandfatherly charming chain smoker. He died nearly 17 years ago in Amsterdam, a fugitive from the law and deadweight to his business partners.

Why Kenyan Banks Fail

Since July 1984, over 40 banks have collapsed in Kenya. Most of them have been Kenyan-owned.

The Sack of Imperial Bank: Part 3

Even a man of Abdulmalek’s genius couldn’t rely simply on luck not to get caught. So he created his own luck.

Betty Tett and the Hitman

The anatomy of a murder conspiracy, or several, featuring one of Kenya's most prominent families.

Crime in a time of Money and Power

Why do powerful people get away with crime?