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The Politics of Ivory and Fire

Little has changed in Kenya's 26-year-old headline-hungry, scorched earth policy towards elephant conservation.

The Giraffes Malindi Gave to China in 1414

They might have helped an illegitimate emperor cement his rule.

Game of Thrones in the Chimp Sanctuary

Ol Pejeta is Westeros, and there is a Game of Thrones going on in it’s Chimpanzee Sanctuary.

The man who saved Nairobi from the Bubonic Plague

Rosendo Ayres Ribeiro is the zebra-riding octor who saved Nairobi from the Bubonic Plague. He did so because it was his job, but he rode a zebra because he could.

7 Kenyan Wild Animals that Became Global Celebrities

Animals can be celebrities too, all the while dressed in nothing but fur or a hide. There’s nothing like turning up on the red carpet with nothing but scales. 

Why We Should Save Kisite-Mpunguti Marine Park

If you have 1.3 billion shillings and an interest in the hospitality industry, you can buy prime undeveloped land in the heart of a marine national park, a national reserve listed as a protected site. A Mr. Alessandro Torriani placed an ad offering 53.00 Acres of undeveloped prime land in the Kisite-Mpunguti Marine National Park …

Are We Denying Turere his Childhood?

It is no secret, we are all learning from children, and childhood to be specific; the mind of the child is unbridled with the worries of life that stop us from taking risks and following our impulses.