Quick Reads

Why Do We Still Drive on the Left?

Kenya drives on the left, like a minority of countries in the world, and this may soon be a problem.

Why Kenya’s National Anthem is So Beautiful

For a song made from a lullaby, Kenya's national anthem is too lit! It sounds like something from the starting sequence of a movie. The anthem was made a committee, and chosen by a group of screaming fans. Citizens, I meant citizens.

How the Monkey Did It

A week ago, a small vervet monkey switched off the most important of Kenya's power stations. In this fascinating "how not to go about your monkey business" manual, we study what exactly the monkey started. And why sometimes everything working too well is not a good thing.

Olduvai Gorge is not in Kenya

You'd be surprised how many Kenyans think Olduvai Gorge is on their side of the border. Why is this so?

Why Nicholas Biwott was Nicknamed “The Bull of Auckland”

Nicholas Biwott, the Total Man, was also known as the "Bull of Auckland." Were his fellow legislators cheering him on or trying to publicly ridicule him?

The Maasai and the Duruma Meteorite

On Sunday March 6, 1853, a rare cosmic event took place in Kilifi. A sacred stone fell from the sky.

Stuck in Selous Game Reserve

On our first morning at Serena Mivumo River Lodge in Tanzania, we went on a daylong game drive. It was uneventful, until we happened on a pair of mating lions and then got stuck tracking down elephants.

The Hoax of the Genius of Tsula Mwangi

Every few years, some internet user asks "Was the Kenyan genius, Tsula Mwangi, real?" The answer is no. She was completely made up.