Quick Reads

Lake Victoria Serena

At Lake Victoria Serena Golf Resort & Spa, I meet a fish with a name and almost take someone eye's out on the golf course.

Rain, and Kampala Serena

We all seem to instinctively do things to create our own space in hotel rooms. Little quirky things that, if you were to accidentally stagger later into the wrong room, you would immediately know.

The Lost City of Gedi

The people of Gedi built a thriving city-state in the middle of the forest. Then a few centuries later, they packed up and left, and we still don't know why.

Too Early for Birds

As this space turns 7, we want to turn a few of the stories about great Kenyan women and men here into living, breathing performances. And you are invited.

Who Is Receiving the 30 percent Tenders for Disadvantaged Groups?

To even the scales, a third of all government tenders were limited to disadvantaged groups. But access to them has not eased, as a recent study called #Jipeshughuli by The Institute of Social Accountability found out.

Why Aren’t Kenya’s Affirmative Action Funds Working?

A recent study by The Institute of Social Accountability found that the major issues with Kenya's Youth Fund are accessibility and accountability.

A Bride Price Worth Dying For

In July 1892, a small fight between two families in Kiambu over bride price dragged in more players, and quickly became bloody.

The Kamba of Paraguay

How did a group of Kamba soldiers find their way to the heart of South America?

The Curse of Old Age: Part 2 #Kulegalega

"The only true curse of old age," he said while telling no one in particular, "is loneliness."