Frolicking in Kampala

In Kampala, I almost lose a leg, someone gets drugged, and a taxi driver leaves us in the middle of the road at night.

#ExploreTurkana: A Photo Essay

What do you get when you place a group of adventurers in the most beautiful place on earth? #ExploreTurkana did, and this is what happened.

Lake Elmentaita Serena Camp

I think about weird things on evenings like these. On this one I thought about a lake, a massive lake. At some point in history, Lake Nakuru and Lake Elmentaita were a single lake.

The Shaza Club

Flown to Mombasa to attend the launch of the luxurious seaside Shaza Club, sleep and the sea win the night, and I miss everything.

Rusinga Festival: A Photo Essay

The Rusinga Festival celebrates the colorful history of the Subanese, descendants of a dynastic war for the Buganda throne.

Exploring Finch Hattons

At Finch Hattons Luxury Camp in the Tsavo, a crocodile called Jemimah tries to kill Muthuri, Dan Kiptoo falls off a bed, and a thousand hills come alive.

Two Nights in Kilaguni

You could smell the nyama choma long before you saw it. It was our first night in Tsavo, and the itinerary said we were heading out to a bush dinner. So down the stretch, past the rock-paved swimming pool, through a dark stretch to a grassy patch. Now wasn't the time for anyone to start recounting that old story of the man-eating lions of the Tsavo, and luckily, no one did.

Olduvai Gorge is not in Kenya

You'd be surprised how many Kenyans think Olduvai Gorge is on their side of the border. Why is this so?

A Castle in Nyahururu

There's a castle in Nyahururu that look likes it has been transplanted through time and place. It's a rather imposing reminder that a night on Electric Avenue is not a proper break, and neither is goat meat at Kamaki's.