Once more into the fray (Live and Die on this day)

“Once more into the fray

Into the last good fight I’ll ever know…”


My penance piety does not suffice

As the fray takes toll upon my mortal

As the dagger slices and dices

The fort crumbles…


Hope and pray I be reborn

To dive into the fray one other

To face demons whose fire I stoke

That my soul for peace to have

My heart for ants to feed

Yet death hath become this life I boast

All good fights have come to this

The moment on which I stand

The weapon upon my hand

Broken sheath under my feet


On this day I am born

On this day I die

I must hope and pray

That one day I learn to hope and pray


Eyes gaze beyond the clouds

For an omen I might see

This fort mine blessing and curse.


Immortality it might be

The bright light that cometh my way

Into the last good night I’ll ever see.


“…Live and die on this day

Live and Die on this day.”

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    a breathtaking poem

  • So I am watching The Grey then Liam goes like ‘Once more into the fray…’ then I’m thinking I have heard that before. Boom! It was Kiruga’s birthday poem! Great modification man! I finally get it 🙂

    • Hahaha, I loved that movie, then I spent thirsty minutes searching the web, not believing that it is not any longer than that…so I did the only thing there was to do…Took you for months huh? Hehehe

  • Anonymous

    This is one of THE best movies I’ve ever seen. It is so moving in so many ways. The best scene was at the end… once more into the fray!!!

  • Anonymous

    Best ending a movie could possibly make.

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  • Daniel Bresnahan

    Most poems are just poetic, this one paints a vivid and emotional picture… amazing.

    • Thanks, it was inspired by the fact that it was my birth anniversary then, or, if you like, my birthday 😀

  • Heather

    breath taking poem…

  • Anonymous

    Best poem, and probably the only poem i’ll ever remember.

  • Wow, was all of this uttered in the movie? Or you completed it yourself? Its awesome

    • No it wasn’t, I just could not believe that was all there was to it so I completed it…