Nicholas Biwott Was Not A Good Man

And death should not be allowed to cleanse him.

Nicholas Kipyator Kiprono Biwott was not a good man. He was not just bad, he was crooked. He was a thief, a manipulator, a rapist, and probably a murderer. He loved Kenya only to the extent that she let him loot her, and loot her he did [Kroll Report Link p.39]. He spent his adult life in public service putting public money into his private pockets, and then tried to legitimize this ill-gotten wealth. The only person he ever served, truly and wholeheartedly, was himself, not the public that paid his meagre salary but funded his vast wealth through the nose.

Nicholas Biwott stood, with the other man the Grim Reaper claimed before him, GG Kariuki, and told the survivors of Bulla Karatasi (Nov 1980) they would die some more; 3000 bodies were already rotting in the backdrop, too many to bury, too many to forget. And the people of Bulla Karatasi never forgot GG Kariuki and Biwott, even now, 37 years later, because you never forget people who tell you that it was okay for the police to rape and kill you because ‘in a situation like that, a bullet doesn’t have a target.’

Source, TJRC Report Volume IIA [Link]

Nicholas Biwott, young and buoyant in power, told a grieving and traumatized crowd that day that “if we find that the peace our president has so firmly blended in our midst is threatened by a person or persons, we shall move in full swing and crush that element wherever it may be” as if his audience was not already crushed, and yet they were innocent of the murder of the four civil servants which had triggered the raid.

Nicholas Biwott was not a good man. In 1995, he tried to rape a housekeeper in a hotel room in Auckland, then pulled power moves when she reported him to the manager and the police. Then on cue, the entire government demanded he be forgiven and deported instead or they would start a shitstorm. They, in no less words, threatened to walk out of an international event if their man was publicly accused of attempted rape, the victim be damned. He was the man, he said later, because a politician needs to be ‘a total man’, and there was no politician as total as he was. That’s why he became the ‘Bull’, not the ‘sex pest’ or the ‘rapist’ of Auckland.

Nicholas Biwott was always the victim, even when the actual victim was traumatised or lay in a coffin. He was targeted by authors who conjured stories of his involvement in corruption, extortion and murder, by book sellers who stocked those books, and by newspapers which repeated those stories. He was a victim in Auckland, and a victim of Troon, who for some odd reason chose him as his main suspect in the brutal murder of Dr. Robert Ouko. He had teams of lawyers whose entire brief was to fight the many allegations by any means necessary, sometimes bordering on the absurd. Any book or report that mentioned him, even as a suspect, he went after. He was a victim of whoever mentioned his involvement in any form in the 1992 ethnic clashes, even when it was two government commissions.

So Nicholas Kipyator Biwott sued all of them, and those he couldn’t, he hired expensive private investigators to distort the claimed facts, like a good politician+lawyer combo. Others he simply visited and calmly pointed at the book saying “I demand you stop selling this book”, as if it was a request. Others he called in the middle of their day and demanded answers about stories they had written. Then he realised they were nothing to him, Bure Kabisa, and hang up laughing.

Nicholas Biwott enriched himself through manipulation and extortion, and outright corruption. His name was missing from corruption stories in Kenya because what he didn’t own he could intimidate, bribe or sue. He leashed the banking system to himself, forcing ‘political banks’ to loan his companies money and then using his power as a minister and Moi’s confidante to ‘block all attempts to secure repayment.’ The only way they got their money back was to tell his boss that they would leave and stop investing if he was not forced to repay. Yet foreigners repeatedly fought his grabby fingers, even once refusing to give any money to projects within the ministries he led. That was after millions of dollars walked itself out of the Turkwell hydroelectric project, and Biwott knew nothing about it. And he sued to have the next book that claimed he did removed from bookshelves.

Source “Multiparty Politics in Kenya: The Kenyatta and Moi States and the Triumph of the 1992 Elections.” By David Throup and Charles Hornsby. [Link]

Same source as above, p. 84.

Nicholas Biwott, a short man with a soft accented voice, sued them so hard that no one before or after him has ever won as much money as he did in defamation suits. But it was all legitimate of course, not because he intimidated or owned the judges in those cases that gave him over 60 million in just four cases. That was a lot of money, but it found Nicholas Biwott already a rich man. Of course from sheer hard work toiling the public sector for tenders, forcing banks not to recall loans to him, and demanding commissions for international projects. He was Moi’s confidante and his bagman, but he was also a hardworking Kenyan for himself, within public coffers and lands. He got land illegally from Kaptagat Forest, and owned so much more that whenever anti-corruption or government agencies went after him, they discovered they were his tenants

Nicholas Biwott was to be feared and loathed even when he left power. Death is the only reason this obituary can be written. He owned the system so it could never turn back on him, so everything remained a mere allegation, and there were many. In life, his name was to be whispered, and books read and re-read to ensure they did not mention his name, even in good light. He was suspicious and paranoid, because he was bad, and he was haunted. His own boss, business partner, and fellow looter, Moi, didn’t know where he lived. He never ate his own food for fear someone would poison him, and refused to own a phone, borrowing them instead from random strangers. He never told his drivers where they were going, and chose to treat everyone around him like a potential traitor. These were not just eccentricities, this was sheer paranoia borne of a lifetime of screwing people over and demanding their fear, not their loyalty. He was a man on edge, day in and day out. He lived like a hunted drug lord, not a career public servant and one of the richest people in Kenya. 

When Nicholas Biwott was Nicholas Biwott, his word was law. He was everything that was bad about the Moi regime. Second to the man with an ivory stick himself, Biwott epitomized the rot that drove Kenya to its knees, and even further. In life he fought harder than anyone else to wipe out the fact that he was not a good man. That his legacy was already stained and broken. In death, he must not be allowed to continue doing that. Or perhaps he should get exactly what he wanted in life, to be forgotten.

Featured image Source [Link]

Owaahh, 2017. 

One story is good,

till Another is told.

  • JamesUkweli

    Owaahh, sorry, haven’t been on your site for a while and I’ve just come across this posting. Hopefully we live in a land of free speech, so eveyone’s allowed to express their views but this might help you and your readers regarding some of the facts of the Biwott story.

    Biwott a ‘murderer’? I guess you mean the Ouko murder. It wasn’t Biwott. Try and read the Ouko section. It doesn’t have all the latest known facts but it’s pretty detailed and accurate. Try also

    The fact that Biwott won at least four major libel cases probably suggests he was right (as in innocent) about the Ouko murder allegations. Whatever, I do know he didn’t get the Ksh60 million awarded, or even half of it. I was also told from a reliable source that when he won damages against The People newspaper he refused to collect saying he’d made his point and didn’t want to bankrupt them.

    A good article on that whole saga (the Biwott court cases) is on Just search Biwott Elton John.. yes, that’s him, the singer. Elton John had been awarded £75,000 (9,830,000/-) because someone had written that he was suffering from an eating disorder. The judge in the Biwott case asked if you get Ksh9 million+ for that what should Biwott be awarded for a false allegation of murder?

    It was another court case that blew away the allegation that Biwott was behind the tribal clashes in 1992. The Akiwumi Commission’s report didn’t mention Biwott in the section on Kericho (42 pages if I remember rightly) but then added his name for further investigation . The Judge found no evidence against Biwott and wondered why his name had been added (when no mention was made of him) “out of the blue”.

    Re the Turkwel dam project and Biwott being a ‘bag carrier’. That’s all language from the Kroll Report which even Kroll admitted was only 20 percent complete. What was released was written by two young Muzungu women who didn’t know what they were doing and based their report on two newspaper articles from 2002. Try It’s not bad and quite forensic.

    The Turkwel Dam case is odd. Just about the only project ever in Kenya to be built ahead of time and under budget.

    Was Nicholas Biwott a good man? I don’t know for sure but a lot of what has been written and said about him is provably untrue.

    Is Owaahh a good man? Or should that be, is Morrris Kiruga a good man?

    As you always say, “One story is good until another is told”!

  • Kali

    A good piece of history here too!

  • Kali

    May his ill gotten wealth haunt those who now live of it and no doubt believe it is “theirs”

  • Owala Zech Wilson

    Not everyone deserves to rest in peace. Let Biwott rot in hell and hell fire should consume his soul

  • Liberty

    Biwott was, and still is, a monster. He should r.i.p.: rot in purgatory!!!

  • The Real Geek

    Biwott’s was more than paranoid!How dare he fails to eat from his house…?

  • Martin Kimani

    I can agree with this article , as one of the 1992 IDPs in the rift valley

  • KANU Namba Wan

    This is an excellent piece; well supported with verifiable sources, undeniable in its content and, as far as possible, objective. It is my hope and prayer that we as Kenyans learn that our choices have consequences.
    A description of how this gentleman lived, the fear that consumed him every moment of every day and the manner in which even he, the Total Man was subjected to death by nature should sober those among us who imagine that temporal power is everything.

  • cgitosh

    Owahh…you have outdone yourself on this one..Maybe since the guy is not around anymore to sue or intimidate, how about a book!

    • Hahaha, it’s a thought btw. I see you were demolishing trolls!.

      • cgitosh

        hehehe Sipendi ujinga wa hizi trolls

  • gregory odhiambo

    Robert Ouko,,total man.bull of Auckland,,,look at the title of this piece of writing,,,as honest as GOD

  • I knew he was part of that corrupt Moi regime but not to this extent

    • cgitosh

      He was the kingpin of corruption back then

  • Nathaniel Ndegwa

    Brave article. Keep them coming Owaahh

  • Cosmas Ronno

    Owaahh 2017’s opening statement is enough for me not to bother reading the rest of the story. How many thieves who have looted 100 times what Biwott is alleged to have stolen are walking around with nary a word from you. This is one bitter man (no woman would write such silly stuff) choking from sour grapes and about to throw up a pile of tangy bile.

    • cgitosh

      You could tell us about those other thieves, Owaah is not obliged to write about them before writing about The Bull of Auckland

    • Charles Cecille

      Jinga; you are a believer of the shit that some thieves are untouchable

      • Cosmas Ronno

        Believe or not you can actually communicate your thoughts without being vulgar. Did you actually go to school? You sound so vulgar ( from the Latin Plebei: an adjective meaning lacking sophistication or good taste; unrefined) and maybe you need to go to a proper school where they can teach you to speak and write without being overly offensive. And where did you pick that name Cecille? That’s a French First Name. There is no association between the civilized manners of the French and what you portray in your 13 word sentence above!

    • Jerry Jussy Di’governor

      foolish kalenjin old man

      • Cosmas Ronno

        There you go again! Immature, puerile, pugnacious attitude. Yes Old! You got a hell of alot of growing young man. You are obviously not ready for the meat seeing as that you are being sustained on milk!

    • Owala Zech Wilson

      Will you ever grow up. We can never hold the name of Biwott in high regard

      • Cosmas Ronno

        It is you who needs to grow out of bitterness and resentment. You do not have to carry anyones load!

        • Owala Zech Wilson

          whatever. But at last, he died and they never buried him with the wealth that he so much craved

  • HoesDontKnow

    Crap from a coward..
    Couldn’t even finish reading it
    Why didn’t you this when he was still alive

    • Shukri Nunow

      Had you finished reading the article, you would have appreciated why he is writing this now. Your incomplete sentence also explains your impatience. Peace.

    • Other

      You know you could have made your point without resulting to insults?

    • cgitosh

      1.) He wrote about the bull of Auckland when he was alive. 2.) This is the accurate version of the old mans obituary, obituaries are written after death

  • Now that he is dead everyone thinks he was angel!

    • gregory odhiambo


  • Mgeni

    A judge who awarded him (Biwott) an outrageous amount in a suit was recently interviewed for the Chief Justice position. You know what is ridiculous, the interview questions to most interviewees centered on inane matters, or worse still trying to figure out how they would rule on elections disputes.

    The media (95%) has in turn resorted to similar inane information gathering leads on our infamously departed (dearly departed if you wish).

    You sir, are doing great justice not only to the profession but also enlightening our generation. This is why although I am not happy that mainstream media chooses not to carry such stories, I am glad that this platform exists.

    • Mgeni

      ps: he was not the only paranoid guy, his boss M1 always wore a bullet proof vest underneath his suits (most folks always thought he was well built and athletic)

      • msamo

        Seems like the bullet proof vest has helped M1 remain standing straight even at 90. And now with almost veryone he f****d up this country with gone, he’s still the last man standing!

        • james

          As to whether he is really standing, I have my reservations.

    • Cosmas Ronno

      So where have you been all along Oh Great Judge? Did you make it through the preliminary rounds for position of Chief Justice? And ain’t it surprising your righteous media house has not made its presence felt?

  • HominumOO

    Spot on! Good riddance. Hopefully all that ill acquired wealth will be reclaimed just like Marcos’ in the Philippines.

    • Kcy

      Can that happen in Kenya?

      • HominumOO

        Why not? We’re not special.

    • Allan Koech

      You will die waiting. This is Kenya boss…

      • HominumOO

        Who won’t die?

  • Nelson W. Osiemo

    Brave writing. Calling it as it is. But I would have wished that this was written last year when he was still alive to see the reaction

    • Had the author published this while the guy was alive, it would have been bad for his general health. Hata sai I’m sure he’s a bit nervous.

      • Allan Koech

        That is what Webster calls…cowardice. Brave is brave. No sugarcoating.

  • Kilo November

    Very well written piece. And quite an accurate description

    • Allan Koech

      Storytelling, just like Hollywood, is a descriptive art. At best, Owaah continues to display a wonderful mastery of the English language. But 100% accurate? Laughable…

  • Zuma Kageni

    Kenyans are functionally illiterate, pathologically dishonest amnesiacs.

    I expect Biwott to be beatified as a great passion bearer of Kenyan politics, a selfless patriot who backed up years of stability and economic growth.

    Will there be any attempt to retrieve any of the ill gotten wealth that he acquired in his lifetime?

    • Allan Koech

      You appear functionally illiterate. This is selective amnesia at its best. Much respect for owaaaah, but this is nonsense. Retrieve what??? You should be a comedian…

  • kibett

    such an excellent illustration

  • Farah Noor Muktar

    No, we should not forget him. We should go for all the wealth he has left behind and we should include his story in our history books; for our kids to know the monster that once “owned” kenya. If we forget him, he will find peace and we sure don’t want that for him. Let him be haunted even in death. If we forget him; every politician will want to follow his footsteps, they’ll do every bloody thing they want because if they won’t be celebrated, they’ll be forgotten. Rest in hell, total man.

    • Allan Koech

      You are living in la la land…forget about someone who once ‘owned’ Kenya…how about those who own Kenya now..? And whose offspring sit in the house on the hill? Who abrogated and allocated land as far as the eye can see…maybe you should make comments about these…Otherwise, this is just cowardice.
      You have no place judging another man about hell or otherwise; that we must leave to a higher power.

      • james

        Let’s be objective here. One long question. How does the fact that there are offsprings of impunity in the house on top of the hill absolve the Total man of all the ills he is accused of perpetrating when he was alive? The piece of article here is about Biwott’s crooked life. A fact that you should only challenge with counter evidence, not with a fallacy of existence of other people of Biwott’s ilk.

  • Okong’o Jr Nick

    Waaaah!!!History retold, I love this place.

  • Wangeci Kiragu

    Enlightened! I remember the rumour that he was a devil worshiper.

    • Allan Koech

      Nonsense peddler…