• 7 Most Badass Kenyan Gangsters

    Kenyan gangsters are the stuff of legend. Their exploits often follow a Robinhood-style trajectory, with gangsters working as ‘wealth distributors.’ Once in a while, they even make citizen arrests.

  • The Cities of War

    There are only three official ways the half a million refugees from Somalia can ever leave the camps, and the options are thinning. The latest one is to return to a country at war, forcibly, to empty Kenya’s fourth largest city.

  • Fidel Castro and the African Dream

    In December 1961, a ship flying the Cuban flag docked in Morocco. Over the next three decades, Cuba under Fidel Castro would become a major player in several revolutionary conflicts in Africa, especially in the liberation of Southern Africa.

  • 7 Foreign Rebels Who Were Caught (or Killed) in Kenya

    For foreign rebels seeking a safe haven, Nairobi has always been a home away from home. Except when it wasn’t.

  • Exploring Finch Hattons

    At Finch Hattons Luxury Camp in the Tsavo, a crocodile called Jemimah tries to kill Muthuri, Dan Kiptoo falls off a bed, and a thousand hills come alive.

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