• 19th Century Europe Time Capsule in Namibia
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    4 Most Outrageous Fashion Subcultures in Africa

    Fashion evolves. Sometimes it doesnt. Sometimes people burn money buying clothes. Other times they just burn the money.

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    7 Most Brutal African Serial Killers

    Human society has always had psychopaths, and Africa has been no exception to the seeming rise of serial murders. Some remain unsolved, their perpetrators walking among an unsuspecting population.

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    7 Badass Heroes from Around the World

    Badass has no passport. It has no rules. When badass finds you and hands you a titanium pair of the sac, you cant say no. Badass does not take no for an answer. You don’t choose badass, badass finds you. It asks nothing of you but to go completely berserk and show Death the middle […]

  • The young Mercy Keino. 

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    7 Unsolved Murders of Young Women in Kenya

    On the morning of Valentines Day 2012, Careen Chepchumba’s brother accessed her apartment at Santonia Court, off Kirichwa Road. She had been incommunicado since February 12th. In the bedroom, he saw her in bed, tidily covered with a bed sheet. There was music playing from a laptop placed on the bedside table. Nothing looked amiss. Except that Careen had been dead for 18 hours.

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    Roughly 100 Fantastic Pieces of Kenyan Journalism

    A reading list of some of the best works of Kenyan journalism available online. And a chance for you to join this curation project.

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