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How salvage from a World War I Naval Battle ended up at the Kenya Railway Museum

If you have ever been to the Kenya Railways Museum, chances are you have walked right past an unassuming dining set. Unknown to many a viewer, that is the Wardroom Dining Set that was salvaged from a German warship that lost the Battle of the Rufiji Delta.

The South African Soldiers who did a Death Dance on a Sinking WarShip

Here on Too Late for Worms, we are always on the hunt for ballsy people. You dont have to be a man to have balls; you just have to kick death, tyranny or utter bullshit in the testicles to qualify. Death will always win so you do not have to make it easy for the …

7 Most Badass Soldiers in the East Africa Campaigns

Badass has a face. One man taunted his enemy, the other was so badass no one thought he had survived a last stand. Another outlived his sides surrender, and then told Hitler to "go fuck himself." Even badass has a name, badass was in East Africa for the two World Wars.