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Lake Victoria Serena

At Lake Victoria Serena Golf Resort & Spa, I meet a fish with a name and almost take someone eye's out on the golf course.

Rain, and Kampala Serena

We all seem to instinctively do things to create our own space in hotel rooms. Little quirky things that, if you were to accidentally stagger later into the wrong room, you would immediately know.

7 Foreign Rebels Who Were Caught (or Killed) in Kenya

For foreign rebels seeking a safe haven, Nairobi has always been a home away from home. Except when it wasn't.

The High Price Kenya Paid for the Entebbe Raid

For its role in the Entebbe Raid, Kenya forged a strong relationship with Israel. But hidden within this narrative are the hundreds of Kenyans who died in Uganda because Amin was angry at Kenya. Some estimates go as high as 245 within the first months after the rescue mission, more than twice the number of hostages Israel rescued from Entebbe.

When Uganda and Zambia had Space Programs

Yes. The answer to your question is yes, both Uganda and Zambia once had space programs. As have hundreds of other countries, you rebut? Well, the Zambian and Ugandan programs hold the cake for nongiveafuckery, something whose primary symptom is well, not letting obvious weakness stop one from dreaming.  Uganda Of course it was Idi …