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The Women Who Went to War

Of all the women who fought in the Mau Mau war, only a few are known, and even fewer remembered.

The Unreluctant King

When the former Governor visited the new President at State House, what used to be Baring's home, he found a man just like him. Just how alike they were became apparent when he sadistically said"By the way, I was sitting at that very desk when I signed your detention order thirteen years ago." To which Kenyatta quipped "If I had been in your shoes I would have done exactly the same."Pointing to the desk, he added slyly "And I myself have signed a number of detention orders sitting right there too."

Who is this man and why is he smiling?

It seems like an easy question to answer, but it isn’t.

When the Mau Mau Used a Biological Weapon

Sometime in late 1952, a series of mysterious deaths occurred at a mission station in Kikuyu, Kenya. First, the victims, a herd of cows, developed large swellings near the forelegs. The swelling then spread over the course of several days, across the chest and abdomen. Then one after the other, the steeds fell and died.

The Mau Maus of New York and California

The image that comes to mind whenever you hear of the Mau Mau is that of Kenya’s dreadlocked freedom fighters. Not a gang of Puerto Rican thugs or even a Hollywood band, right?