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To be Kenyan

They came out in droves. From every corner of their little sandy town, they all came. Old men with shukas wrapped lazily around their waists. Middle-aged women with hardy hands. Children with mucus loosely hanging from their nostrils.

7 Most Destructive Fire Disasters in Kenya’s History

Fire disasters in Kenya are part of our history of corruption and lethargy towards progressive measures to protect human life and property. Some now seem like jokes, with the same causes as previous ones, and often in quick succession. Each fire leaves a burn in the memories of those it maims, and guts through the hearts of those who have to watch their loved ones being sorted from among the smoldering cinders. For others it is a loss of limb, loved ones, and property.

Why you can’t Google Lamu, and Inspiring stories of Young Models #CaptureKenya

“You cannot Google Lamu,” that’s what a National Museum’s official told me on our last morning on Lamu Island; “You have to experience it.”

#CaptureKenya: The Water Bottle

There is something about living in Nairobi that often makes us forget the concepts of family and sharing on which this country’s real roots are founded.

7 Things that Strike You about Lamu on Day One ( #CaptureKenya )

Lamu Tamu. This whole week, I will be shadowing Migz as he takes photos for Safaricom’s 2014 calendar challenge. Safaricom always finds a way to shine in its branding and for next year’s calendar; five of the best photographers in the country are tasked with capturing Kenyans in their day-to-day hustle.