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The Savage Mutilation of Piah Njoki, and her Incredible Spirit

At daybreak on November 4th, 1983, a scream cut through the serenity of Kiaga Village in Kirinyaga. The single scream quickly became cries for help, then wailing of what now sounded like a large group of people. What sounded like the cries of pain of a dying woman would lead residents of the small village …

How Kenya Almost Exported 300 Wild Animals to Thailand

In 2005, Kenya tried to export 300 wild animals to Thailand to a zoo that, apparently, was planning to turn them into exotic cuisine. It did not go well, obviously, and there was even a fist fight in a TV studio about the whole thing.

CODENAME KILINDINI: A Top-Secret Code-breaking Operation

From the outside, the Allidina Visram was a typical Indian boys’ school from April 1942 to August 1943. Inside though, the Asian institution was bustling with geeks, mathematicians and statisticians who formed the core of a covert code-breaking operation.

When Mzee Kenyatta was assaulted in London

In the span of two short years, Kenya's founding father Mzee Jomo Kenyatta was the target of two racist attacks in London.

The Dramatic Arrest of Turkish Rebel Abdullah Ocalan in Kenya

The arrest of the most dangerous man in Turkey ignited a series of violent attacks on Kenyan, Israeli, Turkish and Greek Embassies in Europe.

We Are Moving the Worms and the Bananas

Every once in a while when I can get off my lazy ass and finish the tens and tonnes of research snippets I have strewn all over, we sit by the camp fire and exchange stories of yore.

7 Most Elaborate Cons ever pulled off in Kenya by Foreigners

The great gonzo journalist Hunter S Thompson once said, “In a closed society where everybody’s guilty, the only crime is getting caught.In a world of thieves, the only final sin is stupidity.” Wanjiku, the taxpayer who watches soap operas every evening and takes the 9 O’clock news for truth, expects elected leaders and the media …