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How salvage from a World War I Naval Battle ended up at the Kenya Railway Museum

If you have ever been to the Kenya Railways Museum, chances are you have walked right past an unassuming dining set. Unknown to many a viewer, that is the Wardroom Dining Set that was salvaged from a German warship that lost the Battle of the Rufiji Delta.

How a Patch of the Kenyan Wild Ended up in Philippines

Sometime between May 1976 and February 1977, 102 wild animals were herded into large wooden crates at an undisclosed location in Kenya. The crates were then bundled onto the overnight cargo train to Mombasa, setting in motion a series of events that should never have happened.

Why these 4 famous movies weren’t shot in Kenya

Just how bad is Kenyan corruption that Mugabe felt the need to convince his cronies not to sink to the lows of Kenya and Nigeria? That question has been lingering in our minds for a while now, driven in part by our ill-informed hubris that our corruption is not as bad as it seems at …

The Dramatic Arrest of Turkish Rebel Abdullah Ocalan in Kenya

The arrest of the most dangerous man in Turkey ignited a series of violent attacks on Kenyan, Israeli, Turkish and Greek Embassies in Europe.

7 Brilliant Kenyan Actors Who Made it to Hollywood

It turns out that Kenyans have been around Hollywood for a very long time. Almost 8 decades, to be precise.

7 Most Badass Prison Breaks in Kenya

These are the 7 most badass prison breaks in Kenya. One escapee is now a legislator, three escapees climbed a mountain, and a group of escapees travelled to break other prisoners out of a prison.

7 Most Eccentric Kenyan Politicians

The thin line between eccentricity and insanity is riddled with money, and power, and political office, all of which Kenyan politicians have. In fact, if you the common Wanjiku were to try some of the eccentricities here, there would be a ‘Get Wanjiku to Mathari Hospital Campaign.’