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In McMillan’s Underbelly: The Quest for Kenya’s History

This piece was originally published on the Medium Blog here.  I hadn’t planned to spend my entire afternoon like this. At least not at first. I was in town, with a few hours to kill and I knew exactly what I wanted to do with them. I always know, but I never get round to …

A Nairobi Pedestrian Goes to Archives

Stuck in Nairobi on a random Saturday waiting for her mum, Gloria Mari explores Kenya National Archives and meets Ferdinand.

7 Most Interesting But Obscure Kenyan Laws

There's only one building in Kenya protected by a specific law, although there was once a bridge too. Back when it was illegal to be broke and unemployed. You could still, then, get your own coat of arms for your banners.

The Rusinga Festival

There’s a young festival that takes place every December on Rusinga Island. A celebration of the Abasuba people and their culture, language and artefacts. It’s a cultural answer to the question “Can a people die?”

Former US President Teddy Roosevelt’s Drunken Rampage in Nairobi

Number 26, Teddy Roosevelt, holds two crowns. He was the youngest person to assume the US presidency, and the most badass of them all. He did many things to earn that second title, but none of them featured a drunken spree in Nairobi that nearly caused a diplomatic mess in 1909.

Why this Friday is Really good for Kenyan History

History pundits, knowledge junkies, archaeology enthusiasts, everyone! Get your knickers in a knot already! Christmas is here, early! The National Museums of Kenya wants you to enjoy the facilities under its care for free this Friday. 

4 Most Random things Ever Done by Settlers in Kenya

History has a knack for leaving out randomness, frankly because it does not fit into the fabric of the sane society we purport ourselves to be.