Too Early for Birds is a play on the original name of this blog, Too Late for Worms. Our goal here has always been to be a campfire around which we can share stories. A campfire online, and on a stage offline.

Every civilization exists on stories. Legends weave the fabric that shapes how people view themselves, their history and it defines their esteem and dignity. It is through stories that countries form perceptions of heroes and instances that defined their futures, failures and successes.

On May 17th 2017, Too Early For Birds premiered before a full house at the Kenya National Theatre. It was a live performance of some of the stories here, brought to life by a brilliant cast. 

The second show featured the same people in the same venue, but an entirely new set of stories. Instead of a single evening, this time we did it over an entire weekend on July 29th and 30th 2017. 

The third followed in January 2018, and featured stories about criminals, villains, and heroes.

Main Cast

Ngartia:  A performance artist, poet, writer and baby-stepping filmmaker based in Nairobi, Kenya. His performances blend storytelling with poetry. He goes by the moniker “Ngartia” while performing. This, he insists, contrived the art that lives within him. His pieces come in Gikuyu, Kimeru, English and Sheng’ (and bad puns). Ngartia is also one of the founders of www.storyzetu.com
Abu: Possessing an admirable skill, he writes on self discovery while constantly challenging pre-conceived notions of the unaccommodating, sometimes hostile, society he finds himself in. In every written piece, Abu seeks to spread hope, self evaluation and love for self. All in effort to inspire his readers to do the same and become thoughtful members of the society. Not only that, he is an electric performer who absorbs attention with his soft spoken voice reinforced by profound bursts of gestures.


Owaahh, 2018

One story is good,

till Another is told.