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That Naked Soldier in ‘Beasts of No Nation’

If you’ve watched the powerful war movie Beasts of No Nation, then you’ve definitely seen Tripod, and his tripod. This is his story.

The Gay Kabaka

Whether or not Kabaka Mwanga was gay or bisexual (he had 16 wives) actually matters very little in retelling the story of the matyrs. That they were killed for their faith is hardly in question, as Mwangas paranoia seemed to think the missionaries were turning his pages into spies. He was most likely right, as colonial domination was indeed on its way and missionaries often formed the front flank for their armies.

The Legend of Otenyo

In 1908, a man called Otenyo Nyamaterere did something completely badass.

The Serial Rapist who Ruled Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe's first president was a serial rapist whose victims included soldiers, bodyguards, students, an entire football team, and a hitch hiker.

When a Calendar Dies #ThisIsMyKenya

After more than 7 tiring days on the road, inspiration finds us.

Secrets of the Jade Sea

A man and his two goats are walking across Turkana.

The Unreluctant King

When the former Governor visited the new President at State House, what used to be Baring's home, he found a man just like him. Just how alike they were became apparent when he sadistically said"By the way, I was sitting at that very desk when I signed your detention order thirteen years ago." To which Kenyatta quipped "If I had been in your shoes I would have done exactly the same."Pointing to the desk, he added slyly "And I myself have signed a number of detention orders sitting right there too."

The Brain-Eating Bear that Haunted the Nandi

Sometime in 1925, a six-year-old girl disappeared from a village in Uasin Gishu. She was pulled violently through the fence of thorns that surrounded the village. The bloodied thorns suggested that chances of finding her alive were certainly nil. If they found her body, they would find her scalped and her skull cracked open. Chemosit, …