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4 Most Outrageous Fashion Subcultures in Africa

Fashion evolves. Sometimes it doesnt. Sometimes people burn money buying clothes. Other times they just burn the money.

The South African Soldiers who did a Death Dance on a Sinking WarShip

Here on Too Late for Worms, we are always on the hunt for ballsy people. You dont have to be a man to have balls; you just have to kick death, tyranny or utter bullshit in the testicles to qualify. Death will always win so you do not have to make it easy for the …

7 Kenyans and Individuals of Kenyan Origin in Unlikely Sports

All Kenyans do is run. If we are not running towards gold medals in European cities, we are running away from our problems and failures. We are running towards the Kenyan Dream, a hastily concocted thing that involves mostly, quails and their little spotted eggs, and once in a while, a Lupita.

7 Most Grandiose Projects by African Dictators

Here’s the thing: being a dictator is hard. Being an African despot is even harder – you have to keep the people wowed and scared of you at the same time. All that responsibility, every minute of every day, even while you sleep.

Why you can’t Google Lamu, and Inspiring stories of Young Models #CaptureKenya

“You cannot Google Lamu,” that’s what a National Museum’s official told me on our last morning on Lamu Island; “You have to experience it.”

7 Most Elaborate Hoaxes in Kenya’s History

 I’ve only been conned once. By an old man. An old senile man. Not 60s old, older, that guy was really really old. By the time I realized I was the sucker in the transaction, he was probably on his deathbed, dying of natural causes.

Disaster? Cue the Looting, This is Kenya

When I saw images of Abdul Hajj, I automatically knew he was not a Kenyan cop. There was something about him that told of affluence, a man who gyms in a proper facility and eats well.

When Uganda and Zambia had Space Programs

Yes. The answer to your question is yes, both Uganda and Zambia once had space programs. As have hundreds of other countries, you rebut? Well, the Zambian and Ugandan programs hold the cake for nongiveafuckery, something whose primary symptom is well, not letting obvious weakness stop one from dreaming.  Uganda Of course it was Idi …