I Prayed

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I knelt on a mat beside my bed today

And prayed.

I prayed for the souls of the living

For power and water and food

I prayed for a good life

I prayed for age, for a bumper harvest

I knelt and prayed to all deities

I lay prostate and offered my being as a sacrifice

Hoping and waiting

I prayed for the future of the poor and the Conscience of the rich

I prayed for the insomnia of the wise

For the oversleeping of the daft

I prayed for water, for a full stomach

I prayed for a special heaven

For Hades to be consumed by its own fire

I prayed for the balls to face tomorrow

I prayed for love, for music, for all emotions

I prayed for art and for science

I prayed for might and meek

I knelt and prayed for pain, against pain, for torment, against torment

I prayed for revenge and for forgiveness

I prayed for a small fire to consume a big fire

For a small god to outdo a bigger one

I prayed for muscle and for flesh

I prayed for a great country

For a truth, any truth, some truth

I prayed for darkness, and then I prayed for light

For rain, and then for sun

I prayed for the souls of the undead

For the memories of the immortal

For the innocence of the unborn

For the death of the dead.

I knelt there, and prayed for Satan.

Last modified: April 16, 2015

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