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A Song of Clean Water

Wars are fought over drinking water. Societies survive and tumble; Social units define themselves around this single resource. Yet it's one of those songs that go mostly unheard, until it's dark and full of terrors. It's a song that reverberates through time, no matter how modern or postmodern a society we become.

A Double in Dar es Salaam Serena

At Dar es Salaam Serena, I find myself in a familiar place. With a glass in my hand.

The Evolution of Rupu

As Rupu turns 5, we look back at its history and unstoppable growth. What started as a rudimentary platform manned by 2 people 5 years ago is now a digital behemoth, and Kenya's oldest surviving e-commerce site.

A Small Spring in Oloitoktok

You’ve heard this story before. But you need to hear it again.

The Sound of Safaricom Jazz

Today though, jazz occupies a lofty social status as a unique, calm and polished genre. Its a language. The entire idea of this dialect is passion, infectious passion that is unique to each musician, each ensemble, and each performance.

Pet Peeves #MyZukuFiberStory

I have three pet peeves that affect my writing: location, long nails, and bad internet.