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  • Jen

    I think you should know that your website is hacked and used for scam people and steal the credit cards info! I’ll notify the police and the law enforcement!

  • Tusaidie


    Jamii Bora Bank Ltd is the worse employer ever!!!!!!. JBB is really mistreating and opposing its staff. Its an organization run like a kiosk. Rates have not been reduced even after CBK provided the directive for the same. Staff were literally forced and threatened to quit the banking union (KBA) and the staff are fired on a daily basis with replacement by relatives of the senior management. JBB is full of the CEO’s relatives from nephews, nieces, inlaws and female leads. Those who are not relatives have no rights.

    Payment in JBB is pathethic. A cashier is paid KES 25K , as other officers as long as they are not relatives they earn less than KES 50K. the management are from one ethnic community (Agikuyu) and are relatives. They cant listen to the staff. This has made the staff fearful to address their concerns. The human resource manager Wangari Muchoki who is supposed to fight for the rights of the employees, has taken the organization like her personal property and sided with the management. I am furious because like many, we loose our jobs as the organization is dwindling so badly. Some of the managers were fired while attending meetings. Right now there is ¾ of branch managers who have been fired and relatives have been promoted from cashiers to branch managers. Last week 37 staff members were fired. The medical cover is for the few and some staff use their finances to facilitate medical bills which are supposed to be covered by the bank. When the staff are fired they not given warning letters and not paid their dues. Every Monday at the job is firing of staff. We are given crazy targets and the bank is not doing any fine for the last one year yet staff are fired for meeting their lending targets who will rescue staff under mismanagement.

    CBK, KBA #KOT Bloggers????

    Kindly help Us. Losing a job is so painful.

  • UzalendoChapChap

    Nipe your Mpesa ## or PayPal. This is worth more money than most books I buy only to get bored halfway.

  • John Dean

    Want to know more about notorious frauders the “Haiderali Jessa family”…? They only defrauded banks but anything they touch….

    • Lιттle gιanт

      yas bish

  • Dee

    Stumbled upon this today and had to vote

  • The dawn of a new era.
    Owaahh.com was born.
    And so on and so forth.
    Very niiiiice!!
    Omera keep it up!
    It certainly suits you better.
    Now jaza content and colour and images.
    If you build it they will come

  • purity

    what is imposed on us by our parents us bound to take effect .It almost always does !